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Will Blackberry users like the iPhone?

John Gruber digs into opinion among Blackberry users on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. My theory on the iPhone has been that people switching from non-smart phones will love it, and that people who are switching from other smart phones probably won’t like it. If you are already a heavy Blackberry user, the loss of productivity switching brings on probably doesn’t compensate for the areas where the iPhone is superior to the Blackberry.

I didn’t have a huge amount of evidence to support that theory, just my own preconceived notions and the case of my Blackberry-dependent friend who tried to switch to the iPhone and wound up returning it and getting a newer Blackberry instead.

It’ll be interesting to see if the upcoming features for the iPhone make it worth it for Blackberry users to ditch their mad Blackberry skills and start over.


  1. BlackBerry is totally a professional device where iphone concept and target market is not only the professional users. In fact there is no comparison of these two devices, target market, target customer segment is totally different. I am still confuse that how BlackBerry user shift to iphone??

  2. I tried to switch to the iPhone. The experiment went pretty poorly for me personally.

    The tactile keyboard of the Blackberry was a much bigger selling point than I realized until it was absent.

    The lack of connectivity for the Exchange Server was the other killer.

    I REALLY wanted to like the iPhone, but couldn’t do it. As a business tool, the BlackBerry is pretty much ingrained into my life it seems.

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