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Upton Sinclair reviews Scott McLellan’s memoirs

Here’s Upton Sinclair on Scott McLellan’s new memoir:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

Apparently McClellan came to understand many things once he was no longer on the White House payroll.


  1. Sinclair’s quote re McLellan is, unfortunately, all too true, but what can you say when so many messengers have been allowed to be shot when all they’ve done is be brave for the rest of us, some too afraid to confront the truth, some who don’t care about the truth or some whose daily routine is to create convenient truths. The real question re America is where does one go to with the truth? the media? – HA! the FBI, Justice, cia? yeah sure! How many Ms Edmonds are there ? At least what Mr. McLellan’s charges should spawn is a challenging confrontation of the truth of these charges. Not a 911 or Warren Commission coverup. Not a gag order or not a release of the truth in some 2025 timezone. This is why the Scott McLellan’s don’t speak up at the time.

  2. Brilliant connection.

    Ari has been saying “He never complained at the time,” missing the implicit point that hindsight is 20-20.

    (PS – Can you delete my last comment, with it’s sloppy login? Some day you will make an “edit/delete comment” feature on this site for my sole benefit, I’m sure of it.)

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