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I voted

I went to early voting today and cast my vote for Barack Obama for President (along with a whole bunch of other Democrats). I was going to write up a long explanation of why, but if you’ve been reading this site for any time, you know what impresses me about him as a candidate.

If you don’t see what Obama’s supporters see in him, it may be worth reading Cass Susstein’s endorsement.

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  1. I had a strange sense of completion when I voted a few weeks back, unlike any I have had in a previous election. It was a trifecta of realizing that I had done the maximum I could in the civic duty sense, and that Obama really at this point doesn’t need much more cash, and that literally everyone I know here (Tokyo) is decided, and 90+% for Obama. No one to sway, not much real effect from contributing more cash, and nothing else I can do electorally. It’s like it’s lawn chair and beer time.

    Though I might make a cash contribution just to be sure.

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