Hendrik Hertzberg publishes a <a href=http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/hendrikhertzberg/2009/03/more-fashions-i.html”>concise definition of fascism, written by E. B. White in the August 7, 1943 issue of the New Yorker. There was much abuse of the term “fascist” when George W. Bush was President, and we’re seeing lots of abuse of the term “fascist” in reference to Barack Obama.

Here’s White’s definition:

If we recall matters, a Fascist is a member of the Fascist party or a believer in Fascist ideals. These are: a nation founded on bloodlines, political expansion by surprise and war, murder or detention of unbelievers, transcendence of state over individual, obedience to one leader, contempt for parliamentary forms, plus some miscellaneous gymnastics for the young and a general feeling of elation.