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The inevitable MySQL fork

MySQL is near and dear to my heart — I use it for just about every project I work on. And like many people, Oracle’s acquisition of Sun leads me to worry about MySQL’s future. However, I’m not sure that the new MySQL fork from Percona and Monty Program Ab will lead us to the promised land.

What scares me most is that the new database will not support InnoDB. That makes sense, because InnoDB was already an Oracle property even before the Sun acquisition, but moving away from it will be scary for many users. Time to figure out whether Primebase XT is ready for prime time, I suppose.

Update (May 20): MariaDB will support InnoDB. See the comments.


  1. …there’s always Postgresql.

    You know, mature support for triggers, stored procs, tranactions and even ACID compliance (no more silent truncation!); stuff like that.

    It’s fast, too.

  2. MariaDB does support InnoDB. In fact, we use an optimized branch of InnoDB called XtraDB from Percona which means that you already in the MariaDB 5.1 release get most of the engine performance that MySQL promises in 5.4.

    And of course, MariaDB, as MySQL, is fully ACID, transactional and has stored procedures since many years ago

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