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We can all use an editor

Vanity Fair’s editors have posted a heplful helpful edit of Sarah Palin’s resignation speech. It’s amazing how many errors of usage and style are easily made in casual writing. I’m glad they’re editing her speech rather than my blog posts.

Oh, also, the edited document really highlights what an idiot Sarah Palin is.

Update: Typo fixed.


  1. You flubbed helpful on purpose, didn’t you?

  2. I like to read text that shows good editing and how it was accomplished. It never ceases to amaze me how changing a few words can change a clumsily worded sentence into tight writing.

    To me communication is art; be it spoken written, or through expressions or even hand signals. I love to see its boundaries pushed and expanded.

    One of my favorites at this is Don King. A lot of very educated people consider him ignorant. But, he can use a completly wrong word yet still convey the desired emotion.

    I believe that a certain level of correctness is required though. That said, interjections of the “Grammar Police” can ruin an otherwise good thread for me.

    I have always found the writing here, both in the posts and by commenters to be concise, articulate, and persuasive.

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, “RC3 is one of my favorite stops on the internet.”

    On Preview- Ha! That’s too funny, Paul.

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