I have been avidly devouring everything I can on the health care debate. There are certain aspects of health care reform that I’m very strongly in favor of for selfish reasons, and for reasons of conscience, I think every American should have some form of health insurance. That said, I’m not sure there’s much point in paying a whole lot of attention to the individual bills that are being drafted.

There are a bunch of bills in the works, some better than others. When each committee has completed its bill, they’ll all be mashed up into one big bill that will hopefully be decent and will go to President Obama for his signature. I think the details are very much out of our hands right now, but public outcry will help later when final bills are submitted to the floor of the House and Senate.

That said, the bill the Senate Finance Committee is working on is certain to be terrible. And I can’t help but wonder why these guys are in charge of writing it in the first place.