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Who funds small state Senators?

You’d think that given that Senators from small states represent so few constituents, they’d be more responsive to those constituents. At least you’d think that if you didn’t know how they raise funds. As fivethirtyeight.com reports, Senators from small states depend on corporate contributions to a much greater degree than Senators from larger states. Is it any surprise that they are almost always reliable votes for corporate interests, regardless of their party affiliation?


  1. I have NO earthly idea, but it seems a lot of graft does go on, sadly.

  2. Imagine what the Congress would look like if no ‘critter were allowed to have a conflict of interest between contributions and committees:

    • No ‘critter could accept campaign contributions from any company, industry, or industry PAC/group regulated by his or her committee.

    • No ‘critter or his/her immediate family could invest in any company or industry regulated by or directly affected by the ‘critter’s committee.

    • The ‘critter would be barred from working in/for any of the aforementioned for ___ years after leaving congress, either as an employee, business owner or consultant.

    • Violators to be punished by fines AND prison.

    Not perfect, of course, but at least the foxes would have to dress up better and cluck more convincingly while guarding the henhouse.

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