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Enough with the ACORN crap

Columbia Journalism Review has a great interview with Rick Perlstein explaining why the media shouldn’t be all over the ACORN story. In short, conservatives want to raise ACORN’s profile because they are embarrassing. If you can get people to equate ACORN and the White House, then any dirt you dig up on ACORN tars the President by association. The current ACORN mania really isn’t any different than the repeated attempts to equate Barack Obama with Bill Ayers during the campaign.


  1. As someone who has been appalled at the perversion of the voting process driven by ACORN since elections in the 1990s, and the complicity of the big media firms in ignoring these scandals, I beg you to reconsider your judgment. “Dead People Voting” disenfranchise real people voting. It’s serious.

    (And as for Ayers, do a websearch on “‘115 South Sangamon’ chicago” sometime. You’ve been fed unsavory sandwiches…. 🙁

  2. I’m absolutely against election fraud, but I don’t think ACORN is a big driver of election fraud. They pay people to register voters. Some of those people hand in fake voter registration cards. Any conspiracy that involved the fake people voting would be completely separate from what ACORN is doing. (Even assuming the fake voters get into the system, someone has to go and vote fraudulently as them.)

    As far as Obama and Ayers possibly working the same office building goes, who cares?

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