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Phil Agre is missing

One side effect of having been on the Internet for a long time is that there are a lot of people you’re passingly familiar with. I subscribed to Phil Agre’s Red Rock Eater mailing list well over a decade ago, and found it an incredible source of interesting stuff in the pre-blog era. Today on Twitter I learned that he has been missing for over a year. NPR has an article on his disappearance. It’s disconcerting. I hope he’s well.


  1. I’m pretty sure I never actually unsubscribed. I saw the output diminish and then stop, but kept vaguely hoping he’d start it up again. He was a truly fine thinker and educator!


  2. I’ve had this happen with a college friend of mine. Just dropped off the face of the earth one day and I really don’t know what happened. Really freaks ya out.

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