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The perils of public speaking

My level of empathy was higher than average when I read Danah Boyd’s post-mortem on her Web 2.0 talk today. It’s amazing how easily things can start to go sideways when just a few of the inputs shove you out of your comfort zone. For a reminder of my own public speaking misadventures, check out my posts on Ignite Raleigh. If there’s one thing I’m very glad of, it’s that there wasn’t a live stream of Twitter chatter being displayed behind my head during the talk. And also that I only had to stand there for five minutes.

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  1. No kidding on the Twitter chat. I would never agree to that. Anyone who wants to read Twitter is already doing so.

    There is an idiotic tendency in the IT crowd to think that distracted multitasking is the best possible state to be in.

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