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Jeopardy and Family Feud

Fred Clark argues that on health care reform, Democrats are playing Jeopardy while Republicans are playing Family Feud:

At the recent health care reform “summit,” Republican leaders made it clear that they’re not interested in playing Jeopardy. That would be a losing proposition against President Ken Jennings. Obama was eager to show that he really does have the right answers — cost containment, near-universal coverage, lower premiums, better quality care, deficit reduction. All of that is well covered in the plan he’s pushing and any attempt to challenge him on the facts would be doomed.

So the GOP has decided to play a different game — to switch from Jeopardy to Family Feud. That way it’s not about the facts, or about what works, or about the actual effect of actual policies on actual people. In the subjective guessing-game of Family Feud, none of that matters. Family Feud is all about perceptions — about what those hundred people surveyed think or guess or dimly remember having heard something about.

This is perhaps my favorite blog post I’ve read this year and a gold medal winner in the Metaphor Olympics.


  1. Rafe, that’s funny because I would have sworn it was the other way around. 100 people surveyed, top 7 sob stories are on the board…and the Democrats ran the board on that one.

  2. I would put arguing by anecdote in a different category.

  3. As soon as I read this this morning, I thought of you, Rafe. I was going to send it to you but got distracted by work or something. I like it, too.

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