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Sarah Palin fans in a nutshell

Here’s a quote from an actual review of Sarah Palin’s new book at Borders.com:

This book, though unread by me as yet, should probably be required reading in schools across our country.

Thanks, Snoopy from NJ. You made my week already.


  1. Help. I’ve run out of facepalms.

  2. Yep. I regret that I have but one face to palm for my country.

  3. @Howard, yes only one face, but two hands with which to palm it.


  4. Ack! Caption on that one wasn’t what I was expecting. Please ignore the text and focus on the technique.

  5. Perhaps Sarah Palin’s fans are recommending books they haven’t read because….they can’t read! The most obvious answer is usually the one that is true.

  6. Sarah Palin, fabulously wealthy, ridiculously hot milf, leader of millions of Americans versus snarky web commenters. You do the math.

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