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Grassroots efforts to let Congress know what a bad idea SOPA/PIPA is are continuing all over the Internet, and I wanted to make sure people know about them.

Fred Wilson is suggesting that people use #BlackoutSOPA to register their protest via their Twitter avatar.

Reddit is blacking out their site on January 18.

I would encourage everyone to directly contact their Congressperson and their Senators — that will probably have a greater effect than any form of online protest. There’s a long way to go — only 5 Senators are on the record as opposing the bill.


  1. It looks like at least some headway is being made. According to, http://sopaopera.org/ , there are now 25 against and 81 for the bill.

  2. The last linked site seems to be running SOPA and PIPA together, while I’ve heard much about the former and little about the latter (which has support of many usually clueful/liberal folk). Does this lumping seem appropriate to you?

  3. SOPA is the House bill, PIPA is the Senate bill. So they’re two sides of the same coin. Were they both to pass a conference committee would merge them and then both houses would vote on the merged bill.

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