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How Google is integrating Google+ with Search

There’s a lot of discussion of Google’s deep integration of its Google+ social network with their core search product, but Danny Sullivan is the guy who has actually drilled down to show how it works.

My main takeaway is that this is a major loss in terms of usability. Google is anteing up a huge strategy tax payment here, favoring in some cases useless Google+ pages over the content that users almost certainly actually care about. Google obviously feels that their lead in search market share is big enough that they can risk frittering it away in order to promote their social networking efforts.

Update: Danny Sullivan has posted an interview with Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt about Google+ integration.


  1. If it were me, and I had stuck with Google Plus despite all the karmic badness (over pseudonyms and the rest), I’d certainly be reconsidering that now! We Plus-less are having no visible problems…

  2. It’s showing the Google+ pages in the search results even if you’re using an Incognito window and Google has no idea who you are. I find it’s only showing them right now, though, for very broad searches.

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