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Greg Knauss talks about health insurance


How a bug bite led to a $28,300 medical bill. As Greg Knauss relates, anyone without health insurance faces a daily risk of total ruin. Seems pertinent given the upcoming election.


  1. I had a bill of comparable size several years ago after surgery. Absent my insurance, the surgery would not have happened and I would now also be absent, permanently. That insurance costs me about $200 per month, and it costs my (former) employer about $700 a month. How run-of-the-mill middle class families who need to buy their own health insurance can afford it is beyond me. Obviously, people who are not middle class just go without.

    When I talk about this issue with conservatives, I ask two questions:

    1. Do you want everyone to get the health care they need, even if they can’t pay for it?

    2. How can a for-profit market system provide a product (health care) to everyone when some portion of the population will always be unable to pay the price needed to sustain those profits?

    More and more, seems like the answer to the first question is “I don’t care.” And that means they don’t need to answer the second question.

  2. Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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