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Swedish voter tries hand-written SQL injection

Several voters in Sweden attempted to embed Trojan Horses in their hand-written ballots in a recent election. One tried SQL injection in the manner of this famous XKCD comic and another tried cross-site scripting. The attacks failed to cause any damage, but succeeded in amusing me. Hat tip, Bruce Schneier.

How programmers see each other

Ruby Inside’s Holiday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others’ Languages is legitimately funny and dead on accurate.

Bug of the year

I thought for sure the date bug that prevented the Motorola Droid’s camera from focusing properly in 24.5 day cycles (24.5 days of proper focus, followed by 24.5 days of focusing problems) would go down as the bug of the year, but then I learned about the face tracking software from HP that doesn’t work for black people.

Improving Google Mail Goggles

I think the world is crying out for a mashup of Google Mail Goggles and StupidFilter. Google Mail Goggles is an optional feature for Gmail that will present you with math problems to make sure you think before sending an email when you’re inebriated. StupidFilter analyzes text for “stupidity.”

Wouldn’t it be great if Web browsers and email clients had a tool that could assess the stupidity of text to be posted and then present math problems scaled in difficulty to the degree of stupidity. Thoughtful comment on the status of a project at work? You get 2 + 2. Forwarding an email your crazy uncle sent you about Barack Obama being a Muslim? You get this.

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Are you a Mac user at heart?

Mindset Media has created a profile of the typical Mac user. As a Mac user, the question isn’t whether you exhibit these qualities (of course you do), but which of your friends who aren’t yet using Macs are the best targets for conversion based on these criteria. Your eMusic-subscribing, Prius-driving, organically-farmed-broccoli-eating, microbrew-drinking, Kucinich-loving, crappy-Acer-laptop-using, know-it-all buddy really needs your help.

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