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Are you a Mac user at heart?

Mindset Media has created a profile of the typical Mac user. As a Mac user, the question isn’t whether you exhibit these qualities (of course you do), but which of your friends who aren’t yet using Macs are the best targets for conversion based on these criteria. Your eMusic-subscribing, Prius-driving, organically-farmed-broccoli-eating, microbrew-drinking, Kucinich-loving, crappy-Acer-laptop-using, know-it-all buddy really needs your help.

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  1. “I can see how [the [Justin Long ‘Mac’] guy in the commercial] isn’t offensive to them.”

    The fact that the Mac guy is almost insufferable, and the PC guy (John Hodgeman) is the more interesting and sympathetic character, is the great thing about those commercials. (Q: which one is the straight man?) It’s like, nyah nyah PC guy, you not only have to put up with Windows, but also the smug Mac guy!

    Anyway back to that quote: Are Windows people those who dread becoming smug, and dread even more the idea of being made fun of for it?

    Just looking at a New Yorker web page and realizing that a lot of what defines the New Yorker’s style of cartoons, is how often they make fun of, essentially, New Yorker readers. I wonder whether New Yorker readers see it that way.

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