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Quotable: Tyler Cowen

Tyler Cowen on bloggers:

I have never once met a person whose blog I like and then been disappointed. Never.

I wonder if the converse is true as well. Would you like a person if you don’t like their blog?


  1. I’m thinking Tyler is confusing “like” with “admire”, but I could be wrong here. Blogs aren’t a new form of writing, they’re a new medium of delivery. There have been some writers I enjoy that turn out to be perfectly beastly in person.

    Granted, that feeds back, and I find myself not enjoying the work now that I’ve met the person, but I’m betting the same might be true for the occasional blogger, too.

    Conversely, there are people I like and admire that by their own admission couldn’t write their way out of a paper bag, which would inhibit the whole blogging thing.

  2. I could imagine somebody you’re fond of writing about a specific hobby or work interest of theirs that doesn’t interest you, such that you don’t enjoy their blog. but that’s different from disliking the blog and/or its voice…

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