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Links for August 27

  • Simon St Laurent looks at reasons why there’s buzz around HTML again.
  • Mac OS X Automation explains Services in Snow Leopard (my copy arrives tomorrow). Via Daring Fireball.
  • A new poll reveals that people don’t actually even know what the public option is. The public option is a government-managed insurance plan that will compete with plans from private insurers in an exchange, available to individuals and small businesses that do not participate in group insurance. Here’s a longer explanation. In the meantime, the current Republican talking point seems to be that Medicare is a poorly run government program that we should preserve at all costs.
  • The MySQL Performance Blog looks at the Redis database. Redis is one of those schema-less databases people are all talking about these days.
  • Matt Raible takes a look at Java REST frameworks.
  • The UK is looking at plastic alternatives to traditional pub glasses. That wins my “stupidest thing I read today” award. Via Bruce Schneier.


  1. I posted a longer comment on Bruce’s site, but he’s dead wrong about glass vs plastic pint glasses. It’s been done for a long time in some places, it works, and unless you’ve spent a lot of time getting drunk in rough pubs & clubs in Britain I don’t think you can really appreciate the threat of violence or the way that glasses have a unique position as readily-available weaponry there.

    This scene from Trainspotting is not much of an exaggeration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utN9s_zGCms

  2. Do people even actually know much about anything outside their primary knowledge zone?

    I submit that most successful knowledge workers (the better ones, anyway) are more curious than the average bear and must continuously reeducate themselves in order to avoid becoming obsolete. This is not a skill the average person is forced to have.

    How many people get their news from traditional sources (especially TV)? I’d assume those people know next to nothing about most things, and what they DO “know” are mostly falsehoods.

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