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The email I sent my Congressman

Here’s the email I sent to my Congressman (a moderate Democrat) tonight:

I am a Democrat who attends precinct and county meetings, donates to the party, and went door to door during the 2008 campaign. Like many Democrats, I feel let down by what has been achieved given the large majorities we have in Congress.

I believe that passing a health care reform bill, even if it’s the unmodified Senate bill, is critically important for the future of the country. I think it is also critical for our party. Without a signature achievement to bring to voters this fall, I fear that the Democrats will suffer massive electoral defeat and 2011 will begin with our majorities substantially reduced, or worse.

Please vote for health care reform and encourage your colleagues in the House to do the same. The grass roots activists have done their part in seating a large number of Democrats in Congress, please do your part and fight hard on the issues that matter most to us. Chief among these is health care reform.

Voters and party activists are counting on you. Thank you for your time.


  1. If I had a Democratic senator or rep, I’d do the same (Damn Texas)

  2. For some reason I thought Rafe was in Houston, TX? I’m not sure now why I thought that.

  3. Raleigh, NC. I’m from Texas though and lived in Houston for awhile.

  4. The Health Care Bill is not only unconstitutional but tyrannical. Making me pay for your health care is wrong, but instead of taking my word for it why don’t you actually investigate what you are asking for, and the power it will give the government. Even if this health care bill is the right think it should be put in place state by state, the federal government should NOT have the power to do it. Don’t be a sheep, prove me wrong.

  5. You may not realize it but you are already paying for the health insurance for everyone over 65 and everyone who is eligible for Medicaid.

  6. @Tristan

    Making me pay for your health care is wrong

    So you wouldn’t give up some of your wealth to save another human being? I call that inhuman.

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