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Dan Grigsby on the iPhone platform

Ask permission environments crush creativity and innovation. In healthy environments, when would-be innovators/creators identify opportunities the only thing that stands between the idea and its realization is work. In the iPhone OS environment when you see an opportunity, you put in work first, ask Appleā€™s permission and then, only after gaining their approval, your idea can be realized.

That’s the introduction to his post explaining why he’s shutting down is iPhone development blog. I still believe that this is going to hurt Apple in the end.

In other news, Section 3.3.9 of the developer agreement, which bans third-party analytics in iPhone applications, may be an even bigger deal than the ban on cross-compilers.

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  1. Actually, I’m happy about this, I don’t want apps reporting my behavior to third parties with whom I did not explicitly agree to share usage info.

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