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Treme episode 3 essential reference

A few links from my notes on this week’s episode of Treme.

Mardi Gras indians were heavily featured again, so I’m recycling that link from the episode 1 reference. The Wild Magnolias tribe has a Web site with downloadable music, as well as its own Wikipedia article.

Dr. John’s version of My Indian Red was included on his 1992 album Goin’ Back to New Orleans.

Also on the music front, Professor Longhair’s Tipitina was referenced this week.

FEMA trailers of course have their own article in Wikipedia.

A couple of unique Louisiana drinking customs were mentioned in quick succession, go cups and drive through daiquiri shops.

McDonogh 15 is a school for the creative arts in New Orleans.

Embouchure is the shape of the mouth when playing a brass or wind instrument.

Feelings Cafe is a real restaurant, still open.

This week’s other guest musician was Tom McDermott.

Finally, a couple of cast notes. Desiree is played by Phyllis Montana LeBlanc, a Katrina survivor who David Simon cast having seen her in Spike Lee’s documentary, When the Levees Broke. She’s also written a book about Katrina. Annie the fiddler is played by Lucia Micarelli, who’s a concert violinist, not an actress. Esquire interviewed her last week.

Update: New Orleans may be America’s smallest big city. Phyllis Montana LeBlanc is a cousin of “Tootie” LeBlanc, one of the Mardi Gras indian chiefs name checked in Dr. John’s song.


  1. What was the jazz song played at the beginning of the ending credits of Treme episode 3?


  2. It’s the instrumental version of “My Indian Red” performed by Donald Harrison Jr.

  3. Markhamstreet

    May 2, 2010 at 11:37 pm

    What in particular was the thing the Mardi Gras indians were doing at the end of the episode? Is there a name for what appeared to be a ritual lament/farewell salute they were doing?

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