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Treme episode 4 essential reference

First, some links that are worth noting from last week.

There’s an article about Donald Harrison, Jr., the musician who recorded the version of “My Indian Red” that played over the credits of episode 3, at Nola.com. Here’s what he says about Clarke Peters playing Big Chief Lambreaux:

I think what the series has picked up on is the seriousness that people who do that have. They maintain the culture and the spirituality of it, and the transcendence from everyday life. Those are some of the things I think Clarke really brings out. And the regal nature of being a big chief.

Back of Town is a Tremé blog.

Finally, a couple of books by Ned Sublette that David Simon cited as influences for Tremé: The World That Made New Orleans: From Spanish Silver to Congo Square and The Year Before the Flood: A Story of New Orleans.

In addition to several former members of the cast of The Wire featured on last nights’ show, writer George Pelecanos slipped in a reference to Hamsterdam early in episode 4.

The Apple Barrel is a local bar in New Orleans.

The term lagniappe finally reared its ugly head last night. It’s an authentic bit of New Orleans culture, but trotting it out as they did is liable to irritate the natives, as it’s sort of overly precious. Early on someone said something about people eating red beans and rice (and “not even on a Monday”) that rankled in a similar fashion.

LA Swift is a bus service operated by the state of Louisiana that takes people back and forth from Baton Rouge to New Orleans. Fares are only $5. The service was established after Hurricane Katrina.

Entergy is best known as an electric utility, but they provide natural gas service in New Orleans.

Singer-songwriter Steve Earle and his son Justin Townes Earle made cameos last night.

Deuce McAllister (whose jersey was featured last night) played for the New Orleans Saints from 2001 to 2008. He was cut before the Saints’ championship season last year, but the team brought him back briefly during the playoffs to let him lead the team onto the field.

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  1. david wilson

    May 4, 2010 at 1:33 am

    Nice summary and links. It would nice if you added the music credits for the episode which are listed on the HBO Treme website.

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