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Treme episode 6 essential reference

Old school blogger and New Orleans native Chuck Taggart wrote up his perspective on Treme last week. It’s a must-read post. He also points to the New Orleans Times-Picayune’s Treme site, upon which they explain every episode in detail, perhaps rendering this ongoing series by me superfluous.

Here’s the Time’s Picayune Treme Explained post on episode 6.

By this episode, I felt like we were settling into things and I would up taking a lot fewer notes for the essential reference. The big concepts seem to be well-flushed out at this point. I was a bit excited to see one of the characters take a field trip to my old stomping grounds, Port Arthur, Texas and Lake Charles, Louisiana. I was born in Sulphur, Louisiana and grew up between Lake Charles and Port Arthur. They’re all between Houston and New Orleans on or near Interstate 10, a highway that would be featured heavily in my biography.

One of New Orleans’ most famous landmarks, Cafe Du Monde, finally made an appearance this week. There’s a reason why it’s so famous as to have almost become a cliche — the coffee and beignets are that good. There are many great things in New Orleans, but the scene at Cafe Du Monde made me want to drive to the airport and catch the next plane to MSY.

Also check out NPR’s weekly Treme feature, which has tons of good information about last night’s show.


  1. I suppose someome must have licensed the brand, but one incongruous thing I discovered during my trip to Japan was the Cafe Du Monde inside the giant, cavernous Kyoto railway station.

  2. mmmm … Cafe Du Monde – http://farm1.static.flickr.com/3/5632875_5130f3fa8e_b.jpg

    btw, wondering if the troughs have come up in Treme – I’m not watching, don’t need another soap opera in my life – I love the trough idea – http://www.flickr.com/photos/pmuellr/sets/72157600244032275/detail/

  3. so, you’re clearly watching regularly. what’s your verdict on the show overall? quality close to the WIRE? (I have to wait for Netflix either way, just deciding how impatient to be meantime…)

  4. I love the show but I find it difficult to compare to The Wire in any meaningful way. The Wire was this sort of plot-driven juggernaut. Treme is something different. I’m not even sure how to describe what it is, as a TV show, actually.

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