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Links from July 9

  • One thing I noticed about this list of Popular Rounded Sans Serif Fonts is that none of them are on TypeKit.
  • The US government has lost 75 percent of the habeas corpus cases brought by detainees at Gitmo, and yet we’re asked to trust them with the authority to detain people indefinitely without putting them on trial. There are still 181 detainees at Gitmo. All the action is at Bagram in Afghanistan, now.
  • Gaia Vince reports that Seed, the company behind ScienceBlogs, has a history of compromising on ethics in the quest for revenue.
  • Adam Serwer writes about the degree to which Americans have allowed fear to undermine our principles.
  • A lot of people propose to reduce the future obligations of the federal government by raising the retirement age. Put me in the group who sees this as another example of the callous disregard for people whose work involves manual labor on the part of the rich and coddled.
  • David Galbraith has figured out exactly when and where the Web was invented.
  • The Guardian’s Jonathan Wilson explains what we’ve learned about current trends in soccer strategy from the World Cup.
  • The State Department has denied a visa request by Colombian journalist Hollman Morris based on some language about “terrorist activities” in the Patriot Act. Hollman has won a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard but is barred from entering the United States. He has been a persistent critic of human rights violations by the Colombian government, which is allied with the US.

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  1. Re retirement age: the most compelling proposal I’ve seen is to replace age as a criterion, by total number of years working. On the average, this should allow people who do hard manual labour to retire at an early age (given that they’d typically have started working at an early age too). People who’ve spent many years in higher education will have to work to an older age, which is ok insofar as they may have jobs that only get more interesting with age. Note that the latter would also have collected the fatter pensions, so it’s doubly effective.

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