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It’s a fun time of year for cable television as there are three shows I’m very interested in airing at the same time.

Let’s start with my television obsession of 2010 — Treme. The second season premiered last night, and Nola.com already has their Treme explained post up, providing all of the local color that I so desperately crave. I also assume that NPR’s jazz blog, A Blog Supreme, will be recapping the show each week, as it did last year. Finally, HBO has launched its own Treme blog, written by the show’s story editor Lolis Eric Elie. Be sure to check out his reading list and viewing list.

I’m also watching HBO’s Game of Thrones. I’m a at a bit of a disadvantage because I haven’t read the books. At the same time I’m trying to avoid spoilers from the books. I’m counting on the recappers at Television Without Pity to fill me in on all the details that I’m not catching. Here’s their long recap of the show’s premiere.

Finally, I’m watching The Killing on AMC. It’s an American remake of a Danish murder mystery serial, deliberately paced with dark atmospherics. TWoP is recapping this show as well. For pithier recaps, your go-to source is Project Rungay.


  1. Is the Killing getting better? I watched the first two and the plot was moving forward so slow that even a Scandinavian like myself had a hard time staying awake.

  2. Weird. I couldn’t believe it had been two hours after I watched the premiere.

  3. Almost caught up. It sure does pick up after a few episodes.

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