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Blogs so good you’d never link to them

Here’s Patrick Nielsen Hayden on Ta-Nahesi Coates:

I don’t link to Coates as often as I’m tempted to because I assume most of our readers read him already. If you don’t, you should; his blog is one of the Great Works in our little genre, and as good now as it has ever been.

It occurred to me that there a number of blogs that are so good and so popular that I can’t imagine anyone spending their time reading this one and not reading those others as well or instead.

I just assume that everyone reads kottke.org and Andrew Sullivan. I think they remain at the top of the field. I’ve had my disagreements with Andrew Sullivan over the years in matters of both substance and tone, but I still think that in terms of volume and quality, his blog is hard to touch. Jason keeps mining interesting stuff on the Internet. Reading his blog will make you smarter.

Ta-Nahesi Coates’ blog is brilliantly written and incredibly thoughtful. James Fallows produces perhaps the most consistently interesting blog around on a day to day basis. There’s never a dud.

At this point, I assume that anyone who cares about politics and more importantly, policy, is reading Ezra Klein. There are a lot of good political blogs out there, and even some great ones, but his outshines them all. Matthew Yglesias‘ blog is worth reading daily for reasons that I’ll write about in a separate post at some point. Basically, he’s exploring some really interesting ideas that he’s fleshing out over an extended period of time that don’t fall neatly across established political lines.

Anyone who cares about Apple is, I assume, reading Daring Fireball and Asymco.

In the “not a blog” category, I read everything that Chris Adams shares in Google Reader. The blog posts he shares are as consistently interesting as any one blog I read.

Which blogs do you read that you assume everyone else reads as well?


  1. I still agree with my 2005 opinion that rather than assuming “everybody reads” you should assume you’re somebody’s only filter.

    I don’t read political blogs at all, because I know Rafe reads a bunch of them, and if he sees something really interesting, he’ll post about it.

  2. Thanks for the Google Reader plug – I was wondering what triggered all of those new followers this morning.

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