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Can you judge someone by their shell prompt?

Tom Ryder on shell prompts:

You can tell a lot about a shell user by looking at their prompt. Most shell users will use whatever the system’s default prompt is for their entire career.

Should we be asking job candidates for their dot files?

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  1. If only it were indicative of something “real,” sure. Might as well ask for the geekcode, too 🙂

    Even better: ask to see the .vimrc:

    1) I don’t use “vim” – snob, no hire 2) Empty / DNE – chooses to work with garbage, no hire 3) “I can’t find that on my start menu” – GTFO! 4) “It isn’t in my application’s folder” – Smithers, release the hounds 5) Sets status bar, maybe a few garden variety things – take a closer look 6) Maps macros to keystrokes, auto format certain files (space to tab and back again, strip trailing spaces), color scheme setup, etc. – when can you start?!

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