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Dalton Caldwell on the near future of Twitter

Twitter is pivoting

Dalton Caldwell looks at some recent Twitter moves and tries to predict the company’s upcoming strategy. Here’s what he argues that it’s about:

The Discover tab is the future. Rather than forcing normal users to make sense of a realtime stream, they can see what content is trending.

Here’s what I don’t get. You can facilitate the mode of usage that Twitter may envision for everyday users without hurting the power users that have made it what it is. How did celebrities and “brands” figure out how to engage on Twitter? By watching the pioneering users of the service build a following. And many of those users have become celebrities in their own right in the context of Twitter. If Twitter put me on their board (and they should), that’s the advice I’d give them. Passive users may contribute most of the revenue, but the power users contribute most of the energy.

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  1. Just to extend this: power users also have them reach – Twitter’s explosion was fueled by integration all of the place. Anyone building a service now should have serious second thoughts on relying on twitter.

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