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More on functional programming

Yesterday I linked to Uncle Bob’s intro to functional programming. There are some interesting reactions floating around today. Tim Bray agrees that FP is important, but doesn’t like the magical example or the fact that it’s written in Lisp. The reliably cranky C├ędric Beust pushes back on the article with vigor, mainly on the point that functional programming is the “next big thing” in software engineering.

For what it’s worth, I think that functional programming is worth learning more about because it will make you a better programmer in whatever language you use, not because one day you’ll be using FP and abandoning the use of mutable variables.

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  1. I think your final comment is spot on. I’ve found myself time and again relying on functional idioms in projects in order to build systems that made those systems either easier to maintain or better to perform… but it really counts upon the problem you are trying to solve. There are no silver bullets. Scala, BTW, is something that is groundbreaking in terms of how it purposely mixes imperative and functional sauce together in a new mix. But it too is no silver bullet.

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