Here’s one thing I think about when I’m evaluating candidates after interviewing them – do I want to have 100 one on ones with this person? One hundred one on ones is roughly two years, which is probably roughly the minimum amount of time you’d expect someone to work with someone, assuming it isn’t a disaster. To me, this question is a reminder of the commitment one makes to a person’s professional well being when they hire them.

The catch, of course, is that there’s some overlap here with the idea of hiring for “culture fit.” There are a lot of ways to think about culture fit, and that many of them amplify the patterns that limit diversity in the tech industry. However, when you hire someone for your team, it’s the beginning of what will ideally be a long relationship, one that requires good communication and trust on both sides to be effective, and some personal chemistry really helps.

This thought experiment works both ways. When you’re interviewing for a job, if you meet your future manager, how do you feel about the idea of having 100 one on ones with them? It doesn’t matter how great a company is, reporting to a bad boss is going to ruin your experience there. Is this someone you can trust? Is this someone you can stand? Think about what you’re signing up for.