Trying to recover from her disastrous appearance on Hardball Friday, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has written an op-ed for Politico denying that she said what she did. Politico helpfully embeds video of her comments so that readers can compare her denials with her statements.

She also calls out all of the outraged people who donated to her opponent:

In a matter of 48 hours after I participated in an interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” more than $640,000 from donors across the country flooded into my opponent’s campaign. Almost to a one, these are people who never would have considered voting for me if they lived in Minnesota. In fact, most of them have probably never voted for a Republican. These are strong supporters of Barack Obama who want to see more liberal policies enacted in Washington.

These are not people who know anything about my policy views. They don’t know anything about my record of reaching across the aisle on issues ranging from support for small business to foster care improvements, an issue near and dear to my heart as a former foster mother to 23 troubled teens. Or about my record of standing up to my own party when the occasion calls for it — such as opposing the $700 billion Wall Street bailout — and standing up to members of the other party when they try to push through tax hikes or limit personal liberty.

For the record, I knew she was the stupidest person in Congress long before her unfortunate bout of oversharing on Friday afternoon. After all, she’s the person who claimed to have been kidnapped by lesbians after a campaign event.