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Links from May 22nd

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  1. My guess (maybe just “hope”) is that all downloadable executable code will be verboten by, say, 2019. Javascript is convenient but extremely dangerous. And the embedded scripting languages in Flash etc are no better (let alone Java).

    What I think we will see to replace it are plugins that read purely declarative languages that define applications. (Not coincidentally, this is exactly what I am working on.) In those case extensibility can be done using components that implement standardized interfaces and can be either included in the plugin or signed and then downloaded from secure servers. The idea that some random website can download executable code to your computer and run it will seem like pure craziness. (And it is. It fundamentally takes away control over what you see and do. This is a really bad model to continue with, despite being convenient.)

  2. The posters are indeed brilliant. It’s a pity that they’re immediately followed by photographs of the cover for a book entitled I WAS DRAWN TO THIS BOOK BECAUSE OF IT’S DESIGN.

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